North Country Girl’s First Post

Hey there.  This is my new blog.  I’ve had a couple blogs in the blogosphere.  I’ve tended to delete them after a few months because my my feelings get hurt or I feel misunderstood.  Sometimes my political or personal leanings have been misinterpreted by my readers, who for the most part don’t know me, and those misinterpretations get solidified (or at least I think they do) and I ultimately get this boxed in or trapped feeling.  Maybe it’s a kind of blogospherian claustrophobia, I don’t know.  But anyway, I am quick to get pissed off … and that’s it:  DELETE!

Maybe (just maybe) my frustration is of my own making.  Perhaps I just don’t explain myself clearly enough.  Maybe I need to post more, expose more.  Get over that writer’s block.  But one thing is for sure (right) I’ll be more careful about that old delete button this time (uh huh). 

Actually, I’m not a “real” North Country Girl at all.  I guess one can say I’m a NYC expat.  Or rather, a Jersey Shore / Brooklyn expat.  Expat is probably the wrong word.  But who cares.  It’s what comes to mind.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the city.  And New Jersey.  Parts of them at least.  But after 20-odd years trodding among the subways and tourists and general city flotsam and jetsom and wannabe’s, I found that I seriously needed a break.  And the prospect (soon to be realized !!) of having a car, transportation that I can personally direct, is out of this world cool !!! 

So anyway, perhaps this blog will be the story of my new life among the flowers and trees and mountains and all that kinda crunchy stuff.  And my new Subaru.

Or about how much I miss the city.  


Author: northcountrygirl

brooklynite attempts to escape nyc. this blog is the story of the trails and tribulations of that journey. and other stuff.

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